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No bullshit attraction & Relationship  coaching

For ambitious forward-thinkers who want more than to just get laid. 
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Watch me guess who slept with whom in this viral video I filmed with CUT. 

i help high achieving, forward-thinking men build agency and excitement in their love lives.

Maybe you've had a rough go of it when it comes to dating.


Maybe you feel like you don't know what you're doing. Or, maybe you feel like you're doing everything right but  nothing ever seems to stick. 


Maybe you've gone on plenty of "fine" dates or been in plenty of "decent" relationships, but what you really want is the kind of wild deep love that compels people to do all varieties of crazy romantic shit for each other.  What you really want is to choose an equal and have her choose you in return. 


Maybe, you think, you're just unlucky when it comes to love. 

You're not. 

Luck is when opportunity comes along and you're prepared to meet it.  


And while we're throwing clichés around, let's agree that information is power, confidence is everything, confidence is built through action, and if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always gotten. 

So let's get you prepared, informed, and confident in your ability to create opportunities wherever and whenever you want. Let's change things up so you can finally get out of your head and get into the high quality relationship you've always wanted. 

Because some men make their own luck. 

Watch me give dating app feedback in this viral video I filmed with CUT.

It's more than just your mom's friend's new pastime.

Dating is a skillset. It's both a science and an art, and it's an iterative process of trial and error.  Like riding a bike , the only way to learn how to date better is by doing it. 


​My coaching approach is as interdisciplinary as dating itself, and marries a strong logistical game plan with the four main qualities that make a good dater and a good partner:  a polished presentation, a finessed proactivity muscle, a capacity to communicate authentically, and an emotional immune system.

My methodology draws on a range of psychological training, professional experience, insight gleaned from over 500 dating interviews I’ve personally conducted in the last three years, a background in fashion and comedy writing, digital native prowess, and, of course, the female perspective. Together we identify what your logistical and emotional roadblocks are, rewire behavioral patterns, and align how you are actually perceived with how you want to be perceived, so that you can attract more women, choose someone you're excited about, and build a fulfilling relationship.


Because dating is one of the most personal areas of life, I provide a highly personalized coaching experience that is optimized for your own unique set of circumstances. My coaching is not for everyone, and I only work with clients who hold themselves to a high standard, are respectful and sex-positive, and who are eager to show up and do the work to transform themselves and their love lives. Book a free discovery call with me here so we can assess if we’re a good fit.

If we’re a good fit, you can bet I'll hold you accountable to becoming the best version of yourself so that your future girlfriend has the opportunity to be attracted to you.


​No pickup lines and no mind games necessary.


Let’s get you to the point where you won’t even hesitate to ask out that alluring stranger at the dog park.  You know the one.

some things you might like to know about me 

  • I lived abroad in Europe and Latin America for several years, which was monumental for developing my interpersonal and cross-cultural communications skills.

  • I'm fluent in Spanish.

  • I have personally conducted interviews about dating with over five hundred people. 

  • I'm originally from Washington, DC, I spent my formatives years in New Orleans, and I'm now based in Seattle. I coach in-person clients in Seattle and phone clients all over the world. 

  • I moonlight as a comedy and burlesque performer.

  • I spent a year studying the psychology of happiness under Tal Ben Shahar, creator of Harvard's most popular course in history. 

  • I worked for two years as a top matchmaker for a national matchmaking firm founded by Elle Magazine's E. Jean Carroll (author of the world's longest running advice column) through Stanford's StartX accelerator.  

  • I studied liberal arts and psychology at Tulane University in New Orleans, and graduated magna cum laude with top honors. 

  • I regularly write thought pieces on love, sex, and dating for various publications.  

Watch me explain online dating to an 8-year-old in this video I filmed for HiHo Kids, with MTV's Timothy DeLaGhetto. 

Everything they say is true. 

Frank, 47

Cora not only changed my perspective on dating, but changed the way I look at myself as well. When I came to Cora I was feeling super discouraged about my love life: I was having trouble getting over my ex who had long since moved on, I hadn't gone on a date in almost a year, and I just couldn't seem to meet anyone I was interested in. Cora helped me find what I liked about myself, so I could look for it in others as well. She was patient with me, and that allowed me to be patient with myself. I could not recommend Cora more highly!

Tony, 53

I want to be Cora when I grow up.

Spencer, 36

Cora makes it very easy for me to open up and honestly share about my dating experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, in a way that was affirming and no sense of judgement. Cora is excellent at listening and then distilling and crystallizing themes in a way that helped me to realize my priorities for dating, the issues that have been blockers, and potential paths forward and strategies and tactics for dealing with them.. I'd recommend working with Cora, even if you're a seasoned dater who "knows" what you're looking for.


Ready for a swift and compassionate kick in the ass?