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Let's be real.

modern dating can be a hilarious clusterfuck.
There's a lot of white noise and contradictory opinions on whose rules you should be following.

The overwhelm is frustrating, and tactfully navigating the constantly developing technology, rapidly shifting gender dynamics, and expectations from your harem of aunts at Thanksgiving can feel like a mapless expedition through an Amazon of apps.

Maybe you’re zapping your data and your optimism in a swiping frenzy.  

Or you’re exhausting yourself trying every Internet guru’s #1 foolproof hack to attract your soulmate.

Or maybe you’re dating according to an outdated rulebook that might have worked for your Uncle Jimmy in 1965, but won’t fly in contemporary courtship.

You’ve tried it all.  But you’re still single. And you still hate dating.

The inconvenient truth is this: there is no universal foolproof formula to hack love. If there was, we’d all be married to Halle Berry already. 

​But it’s not as complicated as you think. 

In my work as a dating and relationship coach, and my prior years as a matchmaker, I’ve gotten backstage access into the love lives of hundreds of people. I’ve come to understand the overarching truths of  attraction and communication, along with the idiosyncrasies, challenges, and advantages of finding love in the digital age.

I know the lay of the land and I’m here to guide you through the wilderness so that you can finally get out of your head and get into the high quality relationship you want. 

It starts by throwing out the old rulebook, tapping into your authenticity, and responding to what’s actually happening now.  


And trust me, it's going to be fun. 

some other things you might be interested to know about me
  • I lived abroad in Europe and Latin America for several years, which was monumental for developing my interpersonal and cross-cultural communications skills.

  • I'm fluent in Spanish.

  • I have personally conducted interviews about dating with over five hundred people. 

  • I'm originally from Washington, DC, I spent my formatives years in New Orleans, and I'm now based in Seattle. I coach in-person clients in Seattle and phone clients all over the world. 

  • I moonlight as a comedy and burlesque performer.

  • I spent a year studying the psychology of happiness under Tal Ben Shahar, creator of Harvard's most popular course in history. 

  • I worked for two years as a top matchmaker for a national matchmaking firm founded by Elle Magazine's E. Jean Carroll (author of the world's longest running advice column) through Stanford's StartX accelerator.  

  • I studied liberal arts and psychology at Tulane University in New Orleans, and graduated magna cum laude with top honors. 

  • I regularly write thought pieces on love, sex, and dating for various publications.  

Ready for a swift and compassionate kick in the ass?