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Who am I?

The question of a lifetime. 

I'm an entrepreneur, content creator, dating and relationship coach, and romance-enthusiast. 

I believe that relationships are a playground for personal growth and the ultimate portal to adventure.


I want everyone to experience the full magic of being in love. Because there's a reason why thousands and thousands of poems, songs, stories and social rituals across history and across cultures are dedicated to trying to articulate just how incredible love is. 

I want everyone to experience the agency, confidence, and joy of knowing how to create attraction, build connection, and deepen intimacy. 

I've always loved love.  I've always loved the game of connecting with people. And I've always loved dating.

What I realized in my two years working as a matchmaker for a Stanford StartX company, is that not everyone loves dating, and not everyone has a favorable idea of what a relationship is. During my years as a matchmaker I conducted close to a thousand interviews around dating, relationships, and intimacy with people from all across the United States, of all walks of life. 

This initial market research (which I've continued as a coach) helped me get extremely privy to both the fundamental and idiosyncratic dynamics at play in the modern lovescape, as well as all the gunk that can stand between an awesome person and the lively, meaningful, and sexy love life they want.

From unhealthy relationship models, ineffective but societally-reinforced dating "rules" and "scripts," shitty experiences, knowledge and relational skill gaps, and a lack of experience to build up relational skills and knowledge, there is a whole lot of emotional, mental, behavioral, and energetic gunk we can develop that blocks love from entering our lives. 

I have made it my mission to help people clear the gunk, fill the knowledge gaps, take the actions that build confidence, create a road map of understanding and reference points, and cultivate the skills necessary so that they can create meaningful, sexy relationships, flirt harder with life, and have a goddamn blast in the process. 

I work with curious, entrepreneurial spirits to

  • sharpen their relational skills so that they can experience higher levels of quality and agency in their love lives

  • educate them in the modern dating landscape so that they can make informed decisions, feel confident charting their own course, and spend more time enjoying themselves and less time wondering what their next move is

  • clarify their own metric of relational and romantic "success," and help them build out strategy based on that metric so that they're following a path that actually leads to where they want to go

  • highlight and mirror back what is lovable and extremely dateable about them again and again and again until they can't help but believe it

  • facilitate their best thinking 

It's truly too much fun for everyone involved.

There are currently two ways to work with me:  as a student in Magnetics Love School, and as a member of Magnetics Plus. Outside of running my programs, I write and speak on modern dating and relationships for various publications, host the (forthcoming) podcast Pillow Talk Radio, and run three interactive event series: Pillow Talks, Date Night Live, and Tinder Is the Night.


I graduated magna cum laude from Tulane University in New Orleans in Creative Writing and Spanish and Latin-Iberian Studies, and I'm certified in the psychology of happiness with Tal Ben Shahar, positive psych it boy, creator of Harvard's most popular course in history, and my number one intellectual crush. 

I'm currently based in Seattle, and work with clients remotely all over the globe. 

Are you ready for a compassionate kick in the ass?

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