But enough about me, let's talk about you.  

If you're reading this I'm going to guess you resonate with what you've seen of my work, and that you're entertaining the possibility of working with me. 

First of all, thank you so much.  This is my life's work and I am always beyond thrilled when people are activated by what I have to share. Second of all, bravo, my friend!  Way to take steps towards actively prioritizing the quality of your life. Hoozah!!

If you've resonated with what you've seen, heard, or read of me, you are probably a lifelong learner type. You're inquisitive, you like to think outside the box, and you pride yourself in being somewhere who goes after shit. You probably hold a high standard for yourself and you most likely want to experience every last juicy drop of what this life has to offer.


Of course this includes the fulfilling career, and the sense of impact and contribution, the travel, the great outdoors, whatever niche hobbies or interests you love to obsess over.


And it also includes romance and the sparkle and the deep yummy intimacy. And the feeling of being fully confident and comfortable in your own skin. The kismet wonder of truly knowing someone and feeling known by them. All the good shit that awaits when we are aware of our own needs and able to confidently communicate our needs so they can be met. The agency to create connection and opportunity wherever you go. The freedom and headspace to focus, excel, and step into your potential in all other areas of your life when your love life energizes and supports you rather than stresses and drains you.  Frolicking through meadows. Skinny dipping under the full moon. Stuff like that. 

Am I right?

If you're attracted to my work, you're probably an innovative and deep thinker. You're not fooled by "band-aid solution" marketing and the "#1 secret phase to make anyone fall in love with you." You understand that attraction and relationship work is personal development work, and you're excited to integrate new learnings deeply, make them your own, and let them translate into all aspects of your life and paradigm.  

You may be a dude, you may be a woman, you may be non-binary.  You may be straight, you may be queer.  You may be 22 or you may be 50.  You may have any sort of cultural background.  I have no idea. I'm always delighted to see who shows up to work with me.  Because the desire for love, and the process of finding and creating it, is as universal as it is personal. 

Dating and romantic relationships are perhaps the most personal area of life.  And any advice we take on the matter needs to be calibrated to our unique intentions, preferences, and strengths, and areas of growth. 

And that's why I take such a highly customized approach with my clients.  

If you're still nodding along here, it would be my absolute pleasure to help you clear any gunk blocking your full romantic potential, and cultivate your own flavor of magnetism so that your future partner (or partners!) have the opportunity to be attracted to you. 

And trust me.  There's a whole world of incredible, available, and attractive people who would love to meet someone like you.  I talk to swaths of them all the time. 

Sound good?

Are you ready for a compassionate kick in the ass?

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