Your romantic future awaits.

"I 100% would not have met my partner without Cora.  Or it would have taken me another 5 years to deal with my shit. Cora is the best."

34, San Francisco


What do I actually do?


The number one predictor of happiness is the quality of our relationships. 


Love and connection is our primary need, and our highest desire.


This shit matters. And I am deeply passionate about what I do in the world.  


I believe that dating and relationships are a playground for personal growth, that people are the pulse of life, and that the most important relationship you’ll ever have is your relationship with yourself. 


Love is the most personal part of life, and my work is highly personalized. My signature, unconventional approach synthesizes psychology and neuroscience, emotional and energetic mastery, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, metaphysics and manifestation, bold action, proactivity, and a smattering of YOLO. 


I demystify and break down matters of the heart into digestible codes of knowledge that unlock a way of being in relationships that is as much empowered, informed, and intentional as it is spontaneous and sexy.


I activate your romantic agency so that YOU can choose what you want to experience, and I teach you the relational and communication skills so that you can create it for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. 

I help you master the dating game with flair, finesse, and your own flavor of flirtation so that YOU get to be the most refreshing person your future dates have ever gone out with. 


I help you dissolve the blockages that are preventing you from knowing your own worthiness.

I help you build confidence and self awareness so that how people actually perceive you aligns with how you want to be perceived. 


I teach you the superpower of discernment - the ultimate marriage of logic and emotion, and the key to navigating any social situation. 


I teach you social and emotional intelligence - how to read feedback, communicate creatively and effectively, set boundaries, and ultimately eliminate the guesswork and resentment that erode relationships. 


I teach you how to spark attraction and express attraction in the ways that are most authentic to you, so that you can magnetize your people effortlessly. 


I help you turn down the volume of the conflicting cacophony of advice about what you “should” be doing, and I help you turn up the volume on what actually lights you up. 


I seduce you into believing in your own magic, so that your future lovers have the opportunity to become attracted to you. 


I teach you how to flirt with life, thrive in love, and tap into the infinite possibility available for you. 

"With Cora, I've been able to identify what my needs are which has helped me navigate dating and relationships more clearly and authentically. There's less guesswork, I have a greater sense of what I'm looking for. Feeling like you know more makes you feel like you're able to show up more, because you know what you're showing up for." - Los Angeles, 31

What I will do

  • Be honest with you

  • Tell you what you need to hear

  • Call bullshit on your bullshit

  • Provide insight on how to connect with people

  • Empower you with the toolset to solve your own problems

What I won't do

  • Be mean to you

  • Tell you what you want to hear

  • Let you make limiting excuses

  • Teach you how to manipulate people

  • Solve your problems for you

Does this sound like your cup of tea?