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It's more than just your mom's friend's new past time. 

So what is coaching, anyway?

Coaching is an action-oriented professional partnership between two people in which the coach holds the client accountable to bridging the gap between where he currently is, and where he'd like to be. Like a personal trainer for your life.

In contrast to traditional therapy, which focuses on the past and the why, coaching  focuses on the now and the how.

Every coach has a different style.  ​My coaching approach is as interdisciplinary as dating itself, and marries a strong logistical game plan with the four main qualities that make a good dater and partner:  a polished presentation, a finessed proactivity muscle, a capacity to communicate authentically, and an emotional immune system.

My coaching philosophy is that if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten. I challenge you to step out of their comfort zone and step into the best version of yourself so that your future girlfriends have the opportunity to be attracted to you. 

My methodology draws on a range of psychological training, professional experience, insight gleaned from over 500 dating interviews I’ve personally conducted both in my business and my prior job as a matchmaker, a background in fashion and comedy writing, digital native prowess, and, of course, the female perspective.


Together we identify your logistical and emotional roadblocks, rewire behavioral patterns, and align how you are actually perceived with how you want to be perceived so that you can meet more women and feel confident in your ability to attract whomever you choose.

Because dating is one of the most personal areas of life, I provide a highly personalized coaching experience that is customized to optimize impact for your own unique set of circumstances.


My coaching is not for everyone. I exclusively work with great men who are a mutual match with my approach.  And if I think you’re great, I won’t go easy on you.

Just call me the Coach Taylor of dating.

  • Be mean to you

  • Tell you what you want to hear

  • Let you make excuses for yourself

  • Teach you how to manipulate people

  • Solve your problems for you

What I won't do:

  • Be radically honest with you

  • Tell you what you need to hear

  • Call bullshit on your bullshit

  • Provide insight on how to connect with people

  • Empower you with the toolset to solve your own problems

What I'll do: 

Service Offerings

Ready for a swift and compassionate kick in the ass?