What do I actually do?

My methodology is a signature hybrid of teaching, coaching, and leading. 

Where there are knowledge gaps and blind spots, I teach you.  Where there is fear or an emotional blockage, I coach you through it. Where there is a lack of confidence, I lead you into greater agency and a more empowering perspective so that you can lead yourself. 

My approach happens through conversation, and is as interdisciplinary as dating and relationships are.  I draw on a range of psychology training, insight gleaned from the thousands of interviews I've personally conducted, continuing study of the most relevant trends and research, years of client work, personal experience, and of course a smattering of fun. 

My approach marries (get it?) a strong game plan with the main qualities that make a great dater and partner:

  • a polished presentation

  • a finessed proactivity muscle

  • a capacity to communicate authentically

  • an emotional immune system

  • a sense of fun and creativity


Here are a few of my working philosophies: 

  • If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

  • Everything you want is on the other side of fear. If you can learn to dance with fear and move through it, the world is yours. 

  • People choose to spend time with you based on how they feel around you. 

  • Romantic relationships are a playground for personal growth. 

  • One person does not hold the world's opinion.


Together we identify your logistical and emotional roadblocks, rewire behavioral patterns, and align how you want to be perceived with how people actually perceive you.  I help you reclaim your sense of agency so that you can feel confident in your ability to attract whomever you choose, not just whomever will have you. 

Essentially, I challenge you to step out of your bullshit and comfort zone and step into your most magnetic self so that your future or current partner has the opportunity to be attracted to you

Romance is one of the most personal areas of life. And so, I provide a highly personalized experience that is customized to optimize impact for your own unique set of circumstances based on what actually lights you up.

I help you turn down the volume on the conflicting cacophony of people telling you what you should and should not be doing so that you can clarify what you want to experience, and taken action accordingly. 

Because I believe that your belief in your ability to attract people as your authentic self determines the quality of your relationships. And the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. 

I'm highly selective about who I work with because, like in any other relationship, it needs to be a mutual fuck yes, and I'm intentional about the culture of the communities I create. I look for individuals who are 

  • committed to learning

  • willing to move through the discomfort of growing and letting go of default behaviors

  • open to hearing and integrating new and different perspectives

  • invested in the process

  • just a tiny bit mischievous 


If we choose to work together, it's because I think you’re great. And if I think you're great, I'll remind you every five minutes, and I won’t go easy on you.


Just call me the Coach Taylor of dating.

There are currently two ways to work with me: as a student in Magnetics Love School, my intimate three month incubator for dating and relational skills and magnetism, and as a member of Magnetics Plus, my continuing learning community. 

"With Cora, I've been able to identify what my needs are which has helped me navigate dating and relationships more clearly and authentically." - Los Angeles, 31

What I will do

  • Be honest with you

  • Tell you what you need to hear

  • Call bullshit on your bullshit

  • Provide insight on how to connect with people

  • Empower you with the toolset to solve your own problems

What I won't do

  • Be mean to you

  • Tell you what you want to hear

  • Let you make limiting excuses

  • Teach you how to manipulate people

  • Solve your problems for you

Does this sound like your cup of tea?

Are you ready for a compassionate kick in the ass?

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