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4 weeks.

8 recorded trainings. 

4 live Q&A coaching calls. 

2 live flirting parties. 

Access to private portal to connect with other flirting students. 

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Part 1:

Stepping into your flirtatious identity.

Week 1 is all about laying out the energetic foundation so you can understand what flirting actually is, and step into your own "flirting flavor". We'll cover the energetics of attraction, flirtation, and sexuality. We'll tune into the practices of play, presence, and imagination, and we'll explore how to invite sexual tension into social dynamics. 

Part 2: 

Setting the stage and going off script.

Week 2 is all about the tools and the strategy that will help you express interest confidently and creatively so that you can get out of your head and fully enjoy yourself in the moment. We'll cover the basic and advanced elements of building rapport / connection and creating conversations that pops. We'll cover a full menu of strategies for introducing flirtation into any situation, and we'll cover flirting scene analyses from your favorite shows and movies so that you'll understand what these strategies look like in action. 

Part 3:

Are you flirting with me? It takes 2 to tango, and the art of asking someone out.

Week 3 is all about playing off of and with your flirting partner, and learning how to move things forward. We'll cover how to read feedback so that you can tell if someone is flirting with you, how to build on signals from the other person (picking up what they're putting down), how to pace flirtation (based on the feedback you perceive), turn up the volume on attraction, "up the ante," and ask someone out. 


Part 4: 

Let's get physical (and digital) 

Week 4 is when we turn up the heat and get physical.  We'll be covering physical escalation, working with body language, and introducing touch. We'll cover best practices for introducing physicality in both a Covid and non-Covid context, and we'll learn how to flirt across all digital platforms. 


Who is this program for?

Flirt Harder is for anyone of any age, gender identity, background, and sexual orientation who wants to get their flirt on with confidence and personality, learn to express interest effectively, and understand how to read flirting feedback from other people. 

Is this for me if I'm single and don't feel very confident dating?

Most def. The biggest barrier to you thriving in dating is you not yet knowing how to create attraction, express interest & read feedback. This program will clear that block.

Is this for me if I'm single and already actively dating?

Oh yeah. that is prime flirting territory. Sharpen those skills, baby! Watch as the fruits of your learning unfold. 

Is this for me if I'm currently in a relationship?

Yes. One should never ever stop flirting within a relationship. To flirt is to be alive. 

What does the interactive "flirting party" entail?

The flirting parties are interactive roleplaying workshops, and they are super fun (one of my clients' favorite learning activities).  You'll get the opportunity to role play different flirting scenes with the other students in the program, receive real-time coaching from me, and garner inspiration from the unique flirting styles of your peers. 

What is the private portal we get access to?

All enrolled flirting students get access to a private member's portal through Mighty Networks. It's essentially like a private Facebook group, but we like the privacy and functionality of this platform better.  You can access Mighty Networks on your desktop, and you can also download the app to receive notifications on your phone.  All of the recorded trainings and calls will be uploaded into the Mighty Networks portal, along with the call schedule and course details. The portal is your space to connect with other flirting students, ask questions, share insights and jokes, and integrate all of the learnings as a group. 

How much does this program cost?

The early bird pricing for Flirt Harder is $1,888, and the regular pricing  is $2,222. The early bird rate will be available until EOD Monday October 5th. 

Are there payment plans available?

There is no payment plan available at the early bird rate ($1,888).  There is a 3 installment over 3 months payment plan available for the regular rate ($2,222). If you're interested in setting up a payment plan, please email my team at

When are the live calls?

The full scheduling details will be listed soon.

What if I can't attend a few of the live calls?

Not to fret!  You will be granted access to recordings from all live calls. 

Will I get to keep the content after the course ends?

Yep! You get lifelong access to all recorded trainings and recorded live calls. 

When does this program start?

The shenanigans kick off on Tuesday October 20th. 

How to I snag my spot?

You can snag your spot by agreeing to the course terms and submitting your payment below.  Once you've submitted your payment, you are enrolled! You will receive a confirmation of your payment in your inbox, and you will receive a welcome email from my team with details for joining the Flirt Harder membership portal within the next handful of days.  If you have any questions along the way, you can contact my team at


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