Raise your quality standards,
activate more agency in your love life, 
step into your most attractive self,
amplify your sensuality,
and play by your own damn rules.


What It Is


Magnetics Love School is a one-of-a-kind deep dive experience that will prime you for a lifetime of meaningful, exciting romantic connection. This 90 day immersive program is designed to empower you with the confidence, knowledge, and strategy to author your own love stories, and have fun in the process. 

You'll join an intimate, hand-selected cohort of peers who are just as ready as you are to get off of the bleachers in dating and take a proactive role in creating the high caliber romantic relationships they want to experience. 

Based on a synthesis of positive psychology, attraction energetics, logistical strategy, years of market research in the modern lovescape, and a garnish of whimsy, Magnetics Love School is your catalyst for befriending the language of intimacy. 

Because people take you places, and relationships are the pulse of life. 

Are you ready to get off the bleachers and play?

Your love life is personal.

Your dating playbook should be personalized too. 

Who It's For 


Magnetics Love School is for innovative lifelong learners who...

want to experience meaningful and exciting connection

are ready to date differently, think outside of the box, and stretch beyond their comfort zones

are ready to take decisive action 

are ready to take responsibility for their own transformation and outcomes

can recognize that we can only meet another person as deeply as we've met ourselves, and are ready to embrace dating and relationships as a playground for personal growth

are excited to be part of a cohort  of peers, and prepared to be entirely respectful of people of different perspectives, preferences, orientations, and backgrounds

are ready and excited to invest in themselves

have a sense of humor, openness and mischief

can't wait to get started! 






*Magnetics Love School is an experience created for womxn. The next round launches in January 2021.  As soon as it is safe to do, we will have a live in-person retreat weekend for all Love School alumni.

If this sounds exciting to you, make sure to get on the waitlist so you'll be the first to know when early bird enrollment doors open.

The number one predictor of happiness is the quality of our relationships. 

What We'll Cover


Month One: Attraction Energetics

Attraction Energetics: what it really is, what it isn't, and how it works

Charisma: maneuvering (and transgressing through) power, play, presence, and warmth

The Art of Flirtation: the conversation skillset, the energy of the "maybe," and learning to hold tension

Clarity attracts clarity: the power of knowing what you want 

Month Two: How We Meet 

Social Instigation: pulling a Jack Dawson and creating your own luck

Social Networks: orbiting your social solar system with genuine intention

Visibility: opening the right channels for your people to enter your life through

Forward Momentum: the energetics and logistics of invitation, reciprocity, investment and pacing

Month Three: Confident Communication

Merging and Individuation: navigating our contrasting needs for autonomy, intimacy, polarity, and commonality

Boundaries: what they are, how to communicate them, and why they will transform every area of your life

Stickiness: navigating challenging conversations in a way that brings you closer rather than farther apart

Qualifying Standards: leveraging your words and actions to attract qualified prospects and become the active chooser in your love life

Bonus Trainings: 

Sex and Intimacy: erotic blueprints, and inviting your sensuality online

Online Dating: How to use dating apps instead of letting them use you 

Body Image and Confidence: Cultivate a positive self image and release limiting insecurities

Your confidence in your ability to create new relationships is what enables you to hold high standards and walk away from anything that doesn't meet them. 

What You'll Get

12 weekly private curriculum podcasts

12 weekly live curriculum workshops

12 weekly Q&A calls with support coaches 

3 private coaching sessions 

3 bonus  guest expert workshops

Access to a private members portal for ongoing support

Weekly journal prompts for private introspection

Access to the live Magnetics Love School alumni retreat weekends

Access to an alumni community of committed peers to hold you accountable

Lifelong access to all course content and recordings of the workshops

Life expands and contracts in proportion to your courage.

What our alumni are saying...

"With Cora, I've begun to realize what my needs are... It feels like there's more certainty going into dating situations...feeling like you know more about all of it makes you feel like you can show up more because you know what you're showing up for.

30, Los Angeles

"It feels like there's more opportunity because of Cora's approach... I'm more confident in my approach to things. I don't know of any other way that you could get what you get from Magnetics. It's a pretty rare thing. 

28, Seattle

"Specifically with Cora, she'll push you but she'll also be your biggest cheerleader. The first step is to know that it's okay not to have all the answers, but there are people who do have the answers and people willing to be on the journey with you. It really is that simple. 

34, Calgary


Are you ready for a compassionate kick in the ass?

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