What is Magnetics Love School?

Magnetics Love School is a unique 90 day educational activation of your romantic skills, confidence, and magnetism. 

In this encouraging, fun environment of like-minded peers, you will receive a comprehensive education in everything you need to understand and embody in order to thrive in dating, relationships, and love.

You'll emerge from the program with more clarity around what you want, elevated mindset and emotional mastery, deeper self-trust and confidence in your ability to read and navigate any romantic situation, enhanced emotional intelligence and communication skills, increased ability to create attraction, amplified allure, magnetism, and charisma, and a greater sense of personal agency.


After this program, dating will be fun.

This is your love life upgrade. 

"If thunderbolts and rainbows had a love child it would be Cora. She is Lisa Frank with an edge. In order for people to read people very well, they have to care for people well. Cora gave us the gift of being able to see love in its full spectrum of possibilities. Sometimes life can feel like you’re standing on the outside looking in. Cora invited us all into the party. I finally feel like I deserve all the love in the world."

- Anonymous

Who is Magnetics Love School for?

The January 2021 round of Magnetics Love School is designed for single women who date men and are ready AF for a massive love life upgrade. 

This program is for you if you're desiring a pattern break.

If you want to collapse time.

If you want to leave dating-induced doubt, anxiety, and guesswork in the past.

If you are ready and willing to show up for a transformation.

If you want to attract high-caliber, emotionally available romantic contenders who knock your socks off.

If you want to snicker mischievously and joyfully when people ask you how your love life is going. 

If you want to know what it feels like to be your most magnetic, confident, attractive self.

If this all sounds intriguing and you want it.



"Cora brings an amazing curiosity to the world. Cora is the Bill Nye of love. She takes these incredibly complex topics and drills them into metaphors that are actually digestible. I get it all now and I’m so grateful."

- Anonymous

What is the program format?

The program is 12 weeks long.


Each week, you will receive a recorded training for you to listen to or watch on your own time. 


Each week there is a curriculum call on Tuesdays at 6pm PST that will deepen your understanding and embodiment of that week’s teachings. Curriculum calls include exercises, laser coaching, and the occasional surprise guest teacher. These calls are 2 hours long and lead by Cora.


Each week there is a Q&A call with the support coach Kat Muñoz on Sundays at 1pm PST for direct feedback on whatever is coming up for you alongside the content or in your love life. Sometimes there will be surprise guest workshops on these Sunday calls. 


Each week you will receive a workbook with journal prompts and questions to complete on your own time and further integrate what you’re learning.


You will also receive 1 private coaching call with both Cora and Kat (2 private coaching calls total), which you can redeem anytime within the 3 months of the program.


You will also receive access to the Magnetics Love School retreat, a live in-person weekend-long extravaganza for graduates of all 4 cohorts of Magnetics Love School. The retreat (party!) will be held as soon as circumstances permit.


You will receive lifelong access to the private Magnetics member’s portal, and you will also receive lifelong access to all of the course content and recordings of all of the curriculum calls, Q&A calls, and workshops.


So, in sum, you receive:


15+ recorded trainings

12 2-hourlong curriculum calls with Cora and Kat.

12 2-hourlong Q&A calls with Kat, and workshops with guest experts.

12 weekly workbooks.

2 hourlong private coaching sessions (1 with Cora, 1 with Kat).

Access the the epic live weekend retreat with all 4 cohorts who have gone through Magnetics (2 women’s cohorts and 2 men’s cohorts)

Lifelong access to your cohort’s private members portal

Lifelong access to all of the program trainings and recordings to all of the calls and workshops. 

What content does the curriculum cover?

Here is the curriculum we will move through during our 3 months together:

Opening ceremony + how to get the most from the program

Where our ideas about relationships come from, and rewriting the script

Part 1: The foundation


Week 1: Boundaries, standards, merging and individuation, and the anatomy of a thriving relationship.

Part 2: The attraction


Week 2: Attraction principles and energetics, high value behaviors, multidimensionality, allure, intrigue, and comprehending the incomprehensible.

Week 3: Who tf is THAT - the different flavors of confidence, cool, magnetism, charisma, and sex appeal, and how to cultivate your IT factor.

Week 4: Flirtation - mastering the art and skill of creating, building, and expressing attraction.


Part 3: How we meet 


Week 5- Understanding social networks, where and how we meet IRL, opening up channels of possibility, and how it all begins.

Week 6 -  Attracting quality matches online, optimizing your visibility, utilizing social media in courtship, and bringing it all into the real world.

Part 4: It’s raining men!


Week 7 - Understanding the male perspective and what turns men on, loving men how they actually want to be loved, and honoring differences.


Part 5: The connection  


Week 8: First dates, bold moves, micro risks, upping the ante, and creating intrigue.

Week 9: Getting real - moving beyond intrigue into emotional connection, amorous feelings, and what makes us matter to each other.


Part 6: Is this love? Invested development, getting intimate, and deep love over a lifetime. 

Week 10 - Boundaries: the key to the universe, happiness, and fulfillment in love.

Week 11 - Confident communication, moving closer through conflict, and the essential conversations that create the backbone of a relationship.

Week 12 - The art of letting go, surfing the ebbs, flows, and waves of long term commitment, keeping the spark alive, and creating an upward trajectory.

"I was timid about dating again, it had been a long time and I had gotten out of a bad relationship. Everything we went through in the program tracked what I was going through as I started to date again. I wanted dating to be fun, to identify patterns in myself I wanted to break or reinforce. This kind of support and consistency is very empowering. It’s about owning what you want and going out there and making it happen! Everything that I set out to do at the beginning of this program, I was able to do. Best outcome it could possibly be.  It’s been night and day for me."

- Portland, 28

I’m not sure if the timing of the January 2021 round will line up for me time-wise. When is the next round of Magnetics Love School?

For the ladies, this is the last opportunity to participate in Magnetics Love School - the January 2021 round of Magnetics Love School is the final round of this program for women!

There will be a final round of this program for men in May 2021. Any gents wanting to join the waitlist can email hello@coraboydcoaching.com to be invited when early bird enrollment opens.

I’m really busy, can I still do this program?

This program is for women who are ready to make the experience a priority.  Showing up fully for the experience is an investment of time, energy, and finances.  


You will get from this program what you put in.  


That being said, you can certainly do the program if you have a lot of other things going on (most people who participate do, and they decide to prioritize upgrading their love life once and for all). 


You will receive lifelong access to all of the content, recordings of all the calls (in case you can’t attend a few), and the team and cohort will fully welcome you at whatever level of engagement is currently possible for you.  No one will be mad at you if you don’t do your homework or are catching up on course content! 


This is your journey. If you want to be part of Magnetics Love School and are busy, you are welcome to come along and show up to the level that you have the bandwidth to show up.

I’m nervous about learning and sharing personal things in a group, can you give me some words of encouragement?



The group learning format and sense of community that builds in the community tends to be one of the graduates’ favorite parts of the program - even those who felt trepidation about the group format going into the program. Past cohorts have established meaningful friendships with each other - a sweet cherry on top of all of the learning in the program!


In the group, we establish an environment of privacy, respect for differences, and mutual support. 


The best part of group learning is that the knowledge exponentiates - you end up learning much more than you might have alone. Others in the cohort will ask questions you hadn't thought to ask, or have experiences that, weeks or months later, you’ll have more insight into and guidance around when you also have those experiences. The cohort is an awesome way to feel even more supported and to practice being seen in vulnerable (muscles that will help you in your love life) in a safe environment with likeminded people. The group format rounds out and compounds how much we learn together. 


You are always invited to share what you feel comfortable sharing, at your own pace. There will never be pressure to disclose anything you do not want to disclose. 

"I’m in a relationship now!! The flirting techniques led to our first kiss pretty easily.  IT WORKS! I’m enjoying this connection that has opened up in my life but I also am not anxiously attached to it either. I know that if this lasts however long, my commitment at the end of the day is to myself now. Cora’s teachings helped me solidify the kind of happy, thriving, successful woman I want to be. When I show up for myself, why wouldn’t I find someone who also adores me?"

Melbourne, 26

What is the investment for Magnetics Love School?

There are 2 options for this investment in yourself. Option 1: $5,500 paid upfront. Option 2: $6,500 paid in 5 installments over 5 months ($1,300/month).

When do we begin?

Our first call is on Tuesday January 19th at 6pm PST!

I’m in! How do I enroll?!?

Yay!  The first step is to fill out the application by hitting the button below.  From there, if it seems like there's some synergy, you'll be invited to an on-boarding call with Jaz (our business manager and community connector) - on this call Jaz will answer any and all of your questions and get you all set up so that you feel confident AF taking this step into the splendor of your thriving romantic future. See you there!

More success stories from Magnetics Love School...

" I got to a point where I realized I've taken this as far as I can on my own. It was time to get help from a real person and not a Youtube video. Asking for help doesn't make you less, it makes you more. I came out of this program feeling like I AM good at this and I AM good enough. I'm super excited to explore all the new possibilities."

- Seattle, 39

"Having these tools added to my arsenal was a game-changer. It feels so good to know I was able to see the work bear fruit so quickly, both in terms of my own internal narratives and being able to start my new relationship. The week we started talking about flirting was the week I met my (now) partner. I was able to put the techniques into practice right away. This was a life-changing experience for me."

- New York, 34

"It's really helpful to know there's someone unconditionally cheering you on in the background. The first step is to know it's okay to not have all the answers, but Cora is there to be on the journey with you."

- Calgary, 31

"A drastic piece of this program is coming out with a community and no longer feeling so alone when it comes to figuring things out. It’s easy to say, 'there’s something wrong with me' when it comes to not meeting somebody.


When you see these amazing, beautiful women you realize it can be anybody who feels that way. You realize that you and other people deserve so much.


When you come away with that on the other side you think, ‘That’s all it costs?’ It’s an investment, but you look back and think ‘I would totally do that again.’


It’s like making an investment in a house, you put money into something you’re going to use for the rest of your life. You see the benefits of this program every day, you’ll see them for 5 years, then 10 years. It has such a huge payoff, it’s totally worth it."


- Seattle, 33

"My whole dating experience has changed like night and day. It’s become so much more fun. I’ve been able to learn about myself and what I want, even put healthy boundaries in place in my friendships which feels really good."

- Anonymous

“I expected to have a really educational time, but I didn’t know how much fun I would have... everyone else was just as excited. MLS really exceeded my expectations of how much fun and engaging it would be for all of us.


Developing a sense of self worth in relationships changed my entire framework. It helped me navigate myself and move through the world as a person who loves herself…


I had come into this program really cynical. Now I’m optimistic and realistic. I get excited when things go well but I'm not devastated anymore if things don't go as planned.


I was not expecting to love myself so much more at the end of this program and I was not expecting to feel so excited about dating.


My sense of interaction with people has completely changed.


I talk about this

program to everyone I know.”


- Seattle, 26

"Cora is what I want to be. She is so sure of herself, she has a lot of confidence in who she is. I could listen to her talk all day long. Everything she says is helpful, and even if it doesn’t apply to you she makes it interesting. She creates so many, “duh!” moments. I’m really thankful that she exists in the world.


I’ve become a lot more open, I don’t feel like I’m that person anymore who’s hiding in the corner. I’ve been able to own who I am. I feel a lot more confident speaking up and putting myself out there. It’s easier to interact with people generally now.


I’m not as negative as I was, I’m able to see there’s a lot of opportunity now whether it’s for dating or new friendships. The way I approach things is different. I’m able to celebrate the little things.


Dating isn’t this unknown, scary thing anymore. It’s easier to approach it like...I can talk to anybody. Whether or not I like this person, I’m going to have fun."


- Seattle, 33

"My confidence in grounding in my boundaries has grown so much. I’m able to not feel guilty about setting my boundaries and defending them and have been able to take myself out of situations where they’re not being respected."

- Anonymous

"For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to dates and the opportunity to get to know people instead of this tense experience I’m resistant around."

- Anonymous

“For a while I was bringing this 'dating is hard, there’s no one good out there' energy to dating and in return was receiving the cosmic equivalent of that.


Now I feel like I’ve reframed to look for evidence that there ARE people out there with attributes that I’m looking for and I’ve been finding them.


In the past I was being really passive in my love life, but now I’ve realized that it takes two people to make a connection. And now I’ve learned how to do my part.


It’s been a huge change for me. I’ve seen immense growth and change in terms of my attitude about all of this stuff. I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity and feeling really good and excited for what’s to come.”


- Seattle, 35

More from the men's round...

"With Cora, I've begun to realize what my needs are... It feels like there's more certainty going into dating situations...feeling like you know more about all of it makes you feel like you can show up more because you know what you're showing up for.

30, Los Angeles

"It feels like there's more opportunity because of Cora's approach... I'm more confident in my approach to things. I don't know of any other way that you could get what you get from Magnetics. It's a pretty rare thing. 

28, Seattle

"Specifically with Cora, she'll push you but she'll also be your biggest cheerleader. The first step is to know that it's okay not to have all the answers, but there are people who do have the answers and people willing to be on the journey with you. It really is that simple. 

34, Calgary

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