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Because everything they say is true.  

James, 31

It’s hard dating in San Francisco, period. I think of Cora as my spirit guide who helps me navigate the dating world. She’s got an empathetic yet no-BS approach to dating, which helps me understand more about my approach to dating and how it can be improved. I think what I love the most about Cora is how she truly listens and uses a woman’s perspective to up my game. I feel like I walk away from our talks with a lot more confidence and clarity than I had before, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Spencer, 36

Cora makes it very easy for me to open up and honestly share about my dating experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, in a way that was affirming and no sense of judgement. Cora is excellent at listening and then distilling and crystallizing themes in a way that helped me to realize my priorities for dating, the issues that have been blockers, and potential paths forward and strategies and tactics for dealing with them.. I'd recommend working with Cora, even if you're a seasoned dater who "knows" what you're looking for.

Dylan, 40

Every guy should work with Cora! She is am amazing intuitive coach that is soulful, yet can speak guy language better than any other woman can & can provide the point of view of what a woman wants. She is the natural bridge between Venus + Mars species and all men would be well equipped to tackle the dating scene & find the love of their life, with Cora's coaching.

Frank, 47

Cora not only changed my perspective on dating, but changed the way I look at myself as well. When I came to Cora I was feeling super discouraged about my love life: I was having trouble getting over my ex who had long since moved on, I hadn't gone on a date in almost a year, and I just couldn't seem to meet anyone I was interested in. Cora helped me find what I liked about myself, so I could look for it in others as well. She was patient with me, and that allowed me to be patient with myself. I could not recommend Cora more highly!

Tucker, 29

It's frustrating and honestly pretty embarrassing being a certain age and never really having had a girlfriend before - especially when all your friends are getting engaged. I hired Cora because I was tired of being the friend everyone felt bad for.  Not only did Cora helped me build a foundation of dating skills so that  I feel like I actually know what I'm doing, she also encouraged me to have fun in the process, try things out, and experiment. Not taking the whole thing so seriously helped me feel comfortable talking to a girl at the airport who is now my girlfriend! I never would have had the nerve to do that before but now, even thought I'm in a relationship, I'm not afraid to be single because I know I can meet girls whenever I want and I actually know what to do after I get their numbers. 

Clem, 32

Cora tells it like it is and is also really nice, which is a rare combination I think. She's not judging you at all, but she's also going to let you know when you're being dumb or messing up. Because of this I felt comfortable telling Cora things I haven't told anyone else and together we figured out what I needed to improve on and the steps to take to do that, without me feeling bad about myself. In fact, I feel way better about myself and more confident since I started working with Cora than I ever have in my life, which is really cool. 

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