Turned On

Energetic Mastery for High Performing Empaths

I've been running my business 

Part 1


what it means to be a high-performing empath

amplifying the superpower of perception

zipping up energy leaks & closing proverbial tabs

charging your energy & coaching yourself

resetting and clearing your energy of other people's energy

Part 2

Turning Off to Turn On

vices, vegging, & the importance of being bad

energetic boundaries - what's theirs is theirs, what's yours is yours

not your responsibility - saying goodbye to people pleasing, & the art of not giving a fuck 

rejuvenation - 

Part 3 

High Performance

opening up to inspiration 

magnetism & the pleasure practice

the alchemy of habits, discipline, & self-accountability

in flow - formatting your life to align with your energy patterns

self-motivated - practices for lighting the fire under your own ass & keeping it lit

performance prep - pre "showtime" rituals & the art of pumping yourself up

Part 4 

Energetic Leadership

leading the energy of a social interaction 

shifting & transmuting the energy of a social interaction 

Are you ready for a compassionate kick in the ass?

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