Turned On

the inner game

of being on your game

Let’s be real. 


We are shown limited models of success.


We have plenty of examples of what “success” looks like...at the expense of intimate relationships, of health, of happiness, of creative fulfillment. 


We are taught to chase external success metrics, under the premise that the achievement of these milestones is what will bring us happiness, will make us worthy of experiencing the joy, connection-filled quality of life we want. 


And so, we de-prioritize things that really matter to us. We sacrifice. We put off creating what we really want NOW for some “later” that may never come.


We normalize and justify  “either/or,” “I’ll do this when that happens” and “you can’t have it all” narratives as truth. 


This is not truth. 


And this kind of limited, one-dimensional  thinking is erroneous and short-sighted. 


This is not an “either/or” game. 


This is a “both/and” game. 


This is not a sequential “I’ll do this when I’ve achieved that” game. 


This is a SIMULTANEOUS game of “I’ll achieve this AND I’ll experience that.” 


You get to be wildly professionally successful AND happy AND relaxed AND experience deep, connected intimate relationships AND feel creatively expressed AND take great care of your health AND <insert anything and everything that you want.>


In fact, your success and thriving in one area of life feeds energy to the others when you...


...can optimize energy…


...have mastery in your emotions…


...get how your brain works…


...get what actually creates happiness…


...get the true natures of inspiration, creativity, and motivation…


...can amplify pleasure and enjoyment in your life…


...can prioritize and create healthy boundaries…


...can work with yourself instead of against yourself.


With some creative thinking and the essential tools, practices, and knowledge in your arsenal...


it is absolutely mind-blowing how great life gets to be. 



I know this because I have intentionally designed and created a lifestyle that is REGENERATIVE. 


In which my professional success feeds energy to my intimate relationships, my intimate relationships feeds energy to my creative expression, my creative expression feeds energy to my fitness and wellbeing, et cetera et cetera, and my experience of thriving in all of the ways exponentiates. 


I run a multiple six figure business that helps people grow confidence, create connective, fulfilling relationships, and experience higher and better qualities of life.


I show up in high-performance energy in high-stakes settings - the radio, podcasts, videos that get millions of views, my programs with my clients. I manage a team and I manage multiple projects simultaneously...at all times.


I often sleep till 10am. I play and I romp. I feel calm and relaxed. Rejuvenated and excited. I take great care of my mental and physical health. I have new and pleasurable life experiences all the time. I have beautiful relationships. 


I’m writing this on a Wednesday at 1pm, in my underwear, after scampering around my neighborhood barefoot listening to Camila Cabello all morning because I felt like it.

I fucking love my life.


All of this is by design. All of this is on purpose. 


All of this is the result of nurturing my inner game. 

I am committed to being an example of a flavor of success that is sustainable, grounded, fulfilled, relaxed, joyful, inspired, and positively impactful. 


I am motivated and fueled by the momentum of helping other people succeed and thrive in everything that matters to them. 


I want us to be examples of personal empowerment and liberated personal expression.


I want us to play big and all out. I want us to have, be, and experience everything we want. 


I want us to collectively unhook from the cycles of burnout, depletion, and martyrdom. 


I want us to collectively redefine what gets to be possible

for all of us.


You have important things to do, lives to touch, and beautiful memories to make.


The world needs you at the top of your game, lit up, playing big, loving deep, and having fun.


We want you TURNED ON. 


Turned On is the program about the inner game

of being on your game. 


Turned On is the program where I take you backstage into the mindsets, practices, tools and knowledge that are the foundation of my life.


In Turned On you will be introduced to the philosophies and the essentials of energetic, emotional, mental, and physiological mastery that will nurture the soil so that the garden of your life can thrive.


The outer game is just a reflection of the inner game.


Success is about the inner game. 


Happiness is about the inner game. 


The unique marriage of high-performance career success and quality of life that wants to express itself through YOU is determined by the strength of your internal navigation system.


Turned On is an invitation to unsubscribe from the gerbil wheel of malaise.

And to design a life that turns you on.


This program provides you with the ingredients. You, my friend, are the chef.

"Prior to this program I felt burned out and creatively depleted. There was many projects I had in flight but just lost steam very quickly and I constantly found myself without energy after doing with my day job.


After the program I feel more energized as I now allow every part of my being to be present instead of trying to squash the less positive parts. It's also given me the confidence and a better mindset to pursue my creative goals.

This program will shift your mindset in how you think about yourself and how you prioritize yourself. Cora will remind you to take care of yourself in a way that not many people can. Just go for it. Cora brings a unique perspective and energy to this material that is absolutely worth hearing."

- Turned On grad, Pittsburgh

Turn yourself on.


"6 weeks ago before signing up for this program I had just quit my job. I needed something to keep me in a positive direction in working towards what I want to work towards, and this program was so helpful for that. This program helped me treat myself better.

Learning to identify energy leaks was huge. I realize these are things I can actually target, be cognizant of, and do something about so I don’t have to keep feeling drained. That has been a huge point of growth. 

The other massive benefit I’ve gotten from this is starting to get my claws into this existential self doubt and imposter syndrome. Giving myself 'permission' to do things like start a blog, restarting my podcast, reaching out to people, having more of those kinds of conversations. 

Between setting boundaries, taking space for myself and giving myself permission to go DO the thing, having the tools from the program to do all of that has been huge."

- Turned On grad, Seattle

"Before Turned On, I was feeling burnt out all the time and always disappointed with myself. I was putting a lot on myself each day and then beating myself up for what I hadn’t done.


This program helped me focus on what I am doing well instead of what I’m not doing. That really helped a lot. I’ve been giving myself permission to do impulsive, fun things. For a long time I was living in this masochist energy and occasionally I’d have a day where I’d snap and go hedonist...and the extreme back and forth didn’t feel good. Either being hard on myself or rebelling.

This program helped me create a new approach where I get to ‘break the rules’ in the name of mental health and fun. It helped me bring everything together and prioritize what’s really important.


I feel so optimistic about the future...and more important about the present."

- Turned On grad, Seattle

Who are you at full charge?


What Turned On Is

This program is a radical, regenerative approach to high-performance energetic, mental, and emotional mastery for sustainable success, unlimited creativity, life satisfaction, and work / life synergy.​


This program is unique, interdisciplinary, and holistic.

This program synthesizes…


  • Energetic mastery 

  • Emotional mastery

  • Essential understanding of physiology 

  • Lifestyle design

  • Essential understandings of creativity and inspiration 

  • Self-motivation mastery

  • Success mindset mastery 

  • The psychology and tenets of happiness 

  • Next level self-care and pillars of wellbeing

  • The pillars of quality of life 

"This program came at an interesting time because a lot has been happening in my life. It catalyzed a lot of things for me. 

Being a feeler/empath - the second module I listened to twice.  It has been game-changing. I realized I can choose what emotions I want to consume.  

At the beginning of all this, my feelings felt like an action movie with guys all pointing guns at each other. Now it’s like the lord’s supper - we all have our own vibes, so we can break bread and eat together!


I have befriended all of these parts of myself. I want to go back to the modules and absorb them."

- Turned On grad, San Diego

"This was a truly transformative experience. Cora helped me identify parts of my life that just weren't working for my personality and my goals. I discovered I needed to really thrive and live a fulfilling life. She has this great way of balancing real talk with anecdotes and strategies that truly WORK. And the best part is that it's fun! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!!!


When I started the program I felt like I was having a full blown quarter life crisis. I was constantly exhausted all the time trying to hustle at work, terrible work-life boundaries, and just feeling completely lost and aimless.


Now, I've started my own business!!!! Something I've wanted to do forever! And I'm prioritizing my self care and FUN and really indulging in my life in a way I wasn't before.


I feel like my mindset has completely shifted. I think during the pandemic, I really forgot who the fuck I am. And this course really helped me find myself again.


During the program, I started a business, doing what I love! DIY and home design! BOOM. That's the biggest external win, but I think the even bigger wins were around my mindset (and these were the things that primed me to go after this dream). I learned that yes, I CAN have it all. I just needed to learn to prioritize the things that matter most and to design my life in a way that works best for me, not for my partner, not for my day job, or my family. For ME. 


And the biggest shift for me had to do with identifying energy leaks, not letting fear rule my decision making process, and approaching life with an abundance mindset.


Just do it. This is an investment in your future happiness, an investment in taking no shit, in owning your joy and settling for nothing less. These are LIFE skills. And they'll completely transform the way you move through the world."

- Turned On grad, Seattle

Who Turned On Is For

This is for self-directed creators, innovators, enterprisers, lifelong learners,

and self-starters who...​

want to play bigger…

perform at a higher level…

amplify their creativity…

create sustainable, fulfilling personal and professional success...

and experience a higher quality of life.

"The thing I’m most proud of from this program is I’ve pursued music and creative things a lot more than I have before. I joined some singing groups and started taking lessons and am coming out of my shell in that way.  

In general, I am investing more time in myself. Creating my home space, taking a lot better care of myself.


There have been a lot of realizations I’ve had throughout the program. One of the biggest ones is being on my own team and allowing different aspects of myself to all exist simultaneously and be ok without criticizing each other." 

- Turned On grad, Portland 

"I want to celebrate documenting my wins during this program. I’ve been extremely busy at work, and having the end of the day ritual helped me realize I am accomplishing things and making progress moving forward...I am NOT completely stagnant here. 

This program also helped me identity the physical need my body has for sex and how not getting that has been creating a stuck energy and that has been bleeding into other areas of my life.  This is a huge eye opener, and now that I can identify it I can redirect my energy towards what the actual problem is. 

This has all created a lot of momentum in my life."

 - Turned On grad, Seattle 

"Turned On is one of those life changing experiences where you think before starting if you want to do it or not. But when you do it, it changes everything.

When I started this program I was working a lot, burning out and not having time and energy to do what I love. But after working with Cora, I learned my biggest energy leaks and how to charge myself back up. I learned that not every relationship has to be all in or nothing.


And most importantly, I learned how to be happy and content in life.

Two of my biggest wins are understanding the energy leaks I had and learning how to stop them, and how I don't have to wait for something to happen to be happy. I can be happy right now right here."

- Turned On grad, Los Angeles 

What You Receive

Upon purchase you receive immediate and lifetime access

to this self-paced digital course with 24 hours of content. 

You receive...

12 training modules

6 live coaching call audio recordings

Lifetime Access to all the content

The Training Modules

1) The Emotional Foundation:

heightened emotional intelligence

for liberation, healthy relationships,

and personal mastery


2) The Energetic Foundation:

energetic fluency to identify and

clear energy leaks, charge energy,

and propel yourself towards your goals

3) The Physical Foundation:

leveraged physiology for stress relief, 

vitality, confidence, and longevity

4) Tapping into Purpose and Motivation:

the secrets to self-motivation,

intentionality, and happiness through

living and working on purpose

5) The Qualitative Factor, Enjoyment and Fun:

amplifying pleasure and 

injecting more enjoyment and fun

into your every day

6) The Social Factor:

understanding the social solar system,

alignment, reciprocity, influence,

boundaries, and connection

7) The Transcendent Factor, Creativity and Inspiration:

aligning with the true natures

of creativity and inspiration 

for your best ideas yet

8) The Multi-dimensional Factor, Harmonizing Your Avatars:

identifying and befriending your

multiple facets, harmonizing your different

aspects to operate as a team

9) Mindsets of Success and Happiness:

the essentials of positive psychology,

and conditioning your mind to win

10) The Fear and Overwhelm Factors:

reducing stress, understanding and befriending

the true natures of fear and overwhelm,

and how to go for it anyway

11) Relaxing into Rest and Rejuvenation:

resetting your system, charging your batteries,

and reorienting your priorities for maximum

impact and leisure

12) Playing the Long Game:

reframing setbacks, and sustaining an upward

trajectory over a lifetime

"Turned On was a great way to slow down, and focus on myself without guilt.

I’m definitely feeling more abundance and optimism in my life after the program.


The gratitude practice was a key takeaway (and emerging habit) for me. I have more clarity on what I want to work on next. 

This was like a self-care seminar for people who don’t like self care...turns out we all need it and it’s not hard! The program attracts people that want to be better. That inspiration is worth it just on its own."

- Turned On grad, Seattle 

"You want to make REAL changes? Buckle the fuck up, because going through an experience like this is a boot camp for baring your soul...It’s fucking brilliant.

This program was a fucking emotionally shaking breakthrough transition point for me. I was in a psychologically vulnerable point in life, overwhelmed and hemorrhaging energy in a myriad of subtle aspects of life. Some of these energy leaks had already become painfully apparent already. Things needed to change.


I needed to get the fuck out of my own way.


Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to nudge you along. Cora created this amazing space of vulnerability and psychological safety. All the while, her incredible intuition for human energy, motive, desire, and unconscious fears opened us up in ways we’d been blind to before. I relished every moment of it. 

I’m eternally grateful for this collective energy we all built up together. It was so worth the leap of faith to sign up."

- Turned On grad, Seattle

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