Turned On

the inner game

of being on your game

Who are you at full charge?


What This Program Is

A radical, regenerative approach to high-performance energetic, mental, and emotional mastery for sustainable success, unlimited creativity, life satisfaction, and work / life synergy.



Who This Program Is For

Self-directed creators, innovators, enterprisers, lifelong learners, and self-starters who...

want to fulfill their potential...

are ready for their next level of confidence and efficacy...

are ready to turn themselves on and live at full charge...

want to work with themselves instead of against themselves...

want to unhook from the cycle of burnout and tap into their own regenerative sources of energy, joy, motivation, and creativity... 

want to continuously ascend into new heights of personal and professional success and fulfillment...

and are ready to play big and have it all.

What turns you on?


What This Program Covers

How to clear your energy, identify and zip up energy leaks, charge your energy, propel your energy, understand, and work with your naturally occurring energy patterns so that you can show up for life and work at full charge. 

How to design a lifestyle that sets you up to thrive both personally and professionally, and how to create optimal synergy between every area of your life so that as you feed your lifestyle energy, it feeds you energy.

How to work with and understand the true nature of motivation and discipline so you can tap into the regenerative "pull" energy and step out of the depleting, stop-start cycle of "push."

How to tune into "flow states," and leverage fun, rest, and play to propel you forward and increase the quality of your life.

How to caretake and optimize your physiology for primed energy and mental, cognitive clarity. 

The essential principles of the psychologies of happiness and success, and how to integrate this knowledge into tangible, daily practices.

Emotional mastery, shame resilience, and how to expand through disappointment, discouragement, and periods of time when you feel like shit.

How to set up a support system, connect with like-minded communities, and choose the right teachers and mentors for you.

Next level self-care practices for integration, healing, radiance, magnetism, and rejuvenation.

How to effectively coach yourself, evaluate yourself, course correct, and improve without your ego freaking out.

How to tap into the limitless creativity, and the synergies between sexual energy, creative energy, and sex magic.

How to hold boundaries with yourself, boundaries with time, and boundaries with other people so that you can spend more time in your flow and zone of genius. 

How to work with and understand the nature of inspiration, and open up the channel for your best ideas.

What to expect when you are up-leveling, and how to navigate relationship shifts, identity reorientations, physical integration, "upper limiting," and sneaky forms of self sabotage.

....and a helluva lot more!

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Turn yourself on.

 Once you've submitted your payment, you are officially enrolled (yay!), and you can expect a personalized welcome email from Team CB within the next couple of days. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to send Cora a DM on Instagram @thecoraboyd, or send Team CB an email at hello@coraboydcoaching.com.


Congratulations on making the decision to turn yourself on!

Your fully charged self awaits.